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About Garibaldi's Pizza

Garibaldi's Pizza's menu incorporates both traditional and classical favourites with original and new dishes that deliver mouth watering food straight to your door. Garibaldi's Pizza serves a variety of savory recipes, from traditional Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza to some newer creations. Browse our delicious menu of Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza dishes and have it delivered straight to your door. We hope you will enjoy your experience at Garibaldi's Pizza through our efficient take out and delivery service.

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327 Bury Road
Bolton, BL26BB

Garibaldi's Pizza's Most Popular Items


cheese, tomato and fresh herbs


roast ham, pineapple and herbs


double pepperoni and fresh herbs


pepperoni, sweetcorn and fresh herbs


mild tandoori chicken, sweetcorn and herbs


roast ham, mushrooms and herbs

Garibaldi's Pizza Customer Reviews

125 reviews


  • Awesome stuff. My favourite take-away. Great food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. Their garlic bread & cheese is to die for!!


  • Really good food. I love their wings and the chicken fillet burger was beautiful! Thanks!


  • Got normal tomatoes instead of the cherry tomatoes that we ordered


  • Food was good but sauces were wrong on all kebabs


  • Top 10 reasons to order from Garibaldi's 10. The pizzas are delicious, even the bases are delicious. 9. The toppings are generous 8. The Garlic bread and cheese is the best in town 7. The popcorn chicken is very yummy 6. The desserts are very nice 5. The provide great offers 4. Delivery times are quick 3. They are very accommodating of requests 2. They offer good value for money AND... 1. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The delivery man, I usually have is one of the nicest delivery drivers I have ever dealt with.


  • Awesome take-away, great portions & great service!


  • The best & most reliable take-away around!! Delicious food & friendly service. Garibaldi's makes my week!


  • The staff are really friendly and the cheesy garlic bread is the best.


  • Food was outstanding, served hot, very tasty and well worth a second visit


  • Food was alright but the cheese and toppings kept falling off my pizza didn't get my tub of sauce the driver was late. This is the second it has been late when I order from the place


  • all pizza's were great and promptly delivered


  • Took well over an hour to arrive and was stone cold,inedible


  • kebab- good quality meat - large thick strips and little rusk - not a lot of salad but good sauce content chips - plentiful and cooked perfect onion rings- good coating and not over cooked well drained and crispy recommend restaurant and will use again


  • pizza was cold. coleslaw was missing and took ages to arrive.


  • The only good thing I can say is the delivery was on time. It's been sometime since we ordered from them and the pizzas were very nice in the past. Mistake they were the worst we've ever tasted. Think they got over ambition with the garlic salt, did I say salt, yes salt, salt, salt.... I like salt but this was SALT......